About us


The idea of Million Years Candles originated from working in the interior decoration industry . Back in 2012, I embarked on my own journey and launched roainteriors , an interior decoration business focused on creating positive atmosphere interiors for those seeking to bring nature into their homes. 
The concept of Positive Atmosphere and focusing on the human senses grew over time. I realized how the power of scent is extremely important in our daily life. A positive clean scent can trigger happy memories, thoughts and achieve a healthy, happy mind set .  
  We wanted to create something different, unique and special. The testing and creation process began in 2019. Today we are proud to present to you Million Years Candles, a Canadian woman owned business, hand crafted in Kingston, Ontario . 
~ Roua , Founder of MYC


Creation process

Before launching MYC , research and science was conducted in order to come up with the best candle ingredient combination for you . All our candles are made from clean natural ingredients, pure Coconut soy wax with zero additives. Coconut and soy are known to be natural, raw and pure type of wax that are biodegradable and environmental friendly. It was important to achieve a clean candle that will not be harmful to you. 



Fragrance oils

Our infused fragrance oils are made from natural ingredients that we made sure to not only have them be clean and non toxic but also last in the mixing process. Some fragrance oils will only last you in the first burn. We achieved a products that will last you as many times as you light up your candle .


Labeling our Candles

Since you can not predict what would our candles smell like. We know that it is difficult to decide what to choose and how to know what type of scent fits you most. Each candle was labeled based on testings and personal experience. Some were created by asked a group of people to say the first world that they would think of when  they first smell the candle. Other candles were created by actual personal experiences that we wanted to reflect in our candle scents. Whether this was by traveling to certain destinations, or being in a certain location on a certain time.